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Finances are more than about money. They’re about people.
Todays financial institution customers may be more wary than in the past. An uncertain economy and rising unemployment may be making your customers a little more anxious about their financial circumstances. We understand the confidential and critical nature of each contact with your customers. Our Customer Service Representatives will handle each call competently and with care.

Managing money and financial instruments is sensitive business. A financial services company needs to make sure each call is handled confidently and courteously. Each caller must feel that he or she is in the hands of an experienced agent ready to help. The Customer Service Representatives at Ark TeleServices know how important each call is to you and your customers. They strive to give each customer the attention he or she deserves and to build trust in your institution.

Ark TeleServices is also a provider of Back Office support for banking and financial services institutions. We support multiple methods of customer contact, self-directed interactive voice response and IP-distributed workforce that enables us to increase efficiency and improve the experience for your customers.