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An Opportunity for Success
At Ark TeleServices we feel each of our employees should have an opportunity for success. Therefore, we promote from within as often as possible. Where you start at Ark TeleServices depends on your level of experience and expertise. Where you go, and continue to go, depends on how well you apply the knowledge and training we provide. If you would like to work at Ark TeleServices, we encourage you to submit your resume electronically, email careers@arkteleservices.com or call us at 800.898.5367 x 2210.

Our Employees Remain with Us Because They Are Valued
It’s no secret that attrition rates are high in the telemarketing industry. The job can at times be difficult and demanding. Making Ark TeleServices a family felt company takes a lot of hard work. And, folks like to stay where their work is valued and appreciated.

Many of our employees have been at Ark TeleServices for years, and, in some cases, represent more than one generation of Ark TeleServices employees. Our management staff has many members with 20 or more years of service. We are able to retain our employees for so long because of our continued commitment to supporting their career goals at Ark TeleServices. And, we offer many more benefits than other companies in our industry.

We realize we need to support employees who support their families, so we offer childcare assistance to full-time employees. This allows us to employ many more working mothers and single parents looking to continue in the workforce and enhance their marketable skills. We also provide:

  • Flexible hours
  • Day, evening and 3rd shifts
  • Evening and 3rd shift pay differentials
  • Child-care assistance
  • Health, dental, disability and supplemental accident insurance
  • Competitive compensation
  • Credit Union access
  • Paid vacation, sick and personal time
  • 401K Plan
  • An open door policy
  • Monthly idea contests
  • A clean, smoke-free environment
  • Promotion from within